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Permanent Staffing:

  • CSS has a track record of being unique in the Permanent Recruit Space. Our Hiring Methodology help us pick the best from a pool of high-quality candidates.
  • In a dynamic market environment, retaining talented candidates is a herculean challenge, which we will help you overcome by helping you hire best talents by looking from your eyes.
  • Our clients can be assured of cost-effective hiring solutions which yield results swiftly within the stipulated time. We are a process driven and our time-tested recruitment methodologies ensure improved hiring accuracy.

Staffing Solutions:

  • Each and every customer is unique. We design staffing solutions based on the need of the client and will be redesigned in such a way that the customer closes the position at a short notice.
  • As said early, every customer is unique, same is Every Assignment is unique and distinct. At CSS, every assignment is approached in a reverent manner so that the results are inimitable. A customized Research based approach and a Detailed Analysis is done to ensure that we open the doors of great organizations for the right leaders.

Volume Hire:

  • One of the biggest challenges in recruitments is volume hiring. For organizations of larger size, volume hiring at various levels without compromising on quality and speed is a herculean task. This is where CSS’ expertise comes in practice where we provide tailor made recruitment solutions for their junior to Senior Management Level Requirements of our clients. To counter this, we have a special team dedicated to concentrate on Volume Hiring only.


  • We function as an extended arm of Recruitment Function in your organization to handle the recruitment needs of the business.
  • We deliver streamlined, RPO recruiting solutions that optimize candidate quality, improve time to hire, significantly reduce hiring costs and provide verifiable metrics.
  • Our proven global recruitment solutions for permanent and blended workforces are designed to improve productivity and business performance.

HR Consulting:

  • As leader in HR services, we are aware that traditional patterns of employment will cease to continue in the years to come. We therefore encourage present and future generations to see change as opportunity in its multiple forms. We invite people to accept tomorrow’s challenges with confidence and to join us in shaping the future of the workplace.